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My Story

As a brand new mom, I am often asked how I feel about motherhood. Before I became a mom, I envisioned motherhood as a whimsical experience. An angelic image of a woman dressed in a grecian goddess gown cradling a peacefully sleeping infant would pop into my mind. Yes, that was the image of motherhood for me. However, in reality motherhood is very different.  To describe it best, it’s the equivalent of being suspended from a Blackhawk helicopter into the middle of a nuclear warzone with only a slingshot. Yes, motherhood is a completely different ball game. I had to be become very adaptive and responsive. My new “bundle of joy” came equipped with a short temper and very strong vocal cords. I had to learn fast.

As I continued my journey as a new mom, I became more confident person. As a mother, I have faced many obstacles and challenges that have improved my character. I can truly attest to the fact that I am emotionally and physically stronger because of becoming a mother. I know that I am unstoppable. My goal is to encourage woman who share in my experience. Being a mom in the new millennium comes with a unique set of challenges. This website is designed to help new moms navigate the up’s and down’s of motherhood. All mothers should be unstoppable and dynamic. Ms.MillennialMom.com is your source for inspiration, motivation and support.



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