!! 1st Time Motherhood = “Thug Life”!!

As a brand new mom, I am often asked how I feel about motherhood. Now when I think of the word motherhood, an angelic image of a mother dressed in a Grecian goddess gown with perfectly applied make-up, with stunning full curly hair cradling a small peacefully sleeping infant wrapped as a bundle of joy. Yes, that was the image of motherhood for me. However, in reality motherhood is very.  To describe it best, it’s the equivalent of being suspended from a Blackhawk helicopter into the middle of a nuclear warzone with only a slingshot. Your life changes so drastically in such a small period time. I often reminisce about my labor and delivery experience. I even ask myself, why didn’t an alarm sound off in the delivery room as my baby was crowning. A sounding alarm would have been a clear indicator of the difficulties I would have to face as a  single motherhood. I literally had no idea of what I had gotten myself into. During those initial post partum moments, I felt of an overwhelming rush of anxiety settling in my mind. I began to hear the erie introduction song of the twilight zone play in my mind. My thoughts swiftly began to race as I desperately tried to get a grip on reality. I had to accept that I was a real-life mom at that point. On the contrary, I also had to accept that I would not be able to continue my spontaneous life style. Prior to my pregnancy, I had developed a certain style of living. I considered myself a connoisseur of fine living. I planned and executed international vacations. I once booked a solo trip to Vegas 48 hours before I took flight. I lived my life on a whim. Spontaneity was a daily element in my life.  I was the guru for parties. I knew about all the best happy hours in town. I was able to get my hair and nails serviced on a consistent basis. I purchased a brand new pair of shoes every time I earned a paycheck. My life was the bomb.com. However, something was still missing. Although traveling and being social was very fulfilling a one time in my life. I found myself longing for more. The single life of  a young, intelligent and beautiful bachelorette was slowly loosing it’s appeal. At the age of 30, I had already traveled to Essence Music Festival (x2), BET Hip Hop Awards Ceremony, Toronto Carbana Festival, Memorial Day Weekend Fest in Miami, Cancun, Aruba, Jamaica, Bahamas, St Thomas, St. Kitts, Pueto Rico, St. Maarteen, Barbados, Belize, Grand Cayman Island, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, NBA All Star Weekend and hundreds of other destinations. With so many fond memories of the past, I still felt uncertain about my future. Becoming a mother was always on my agenda for life. I never planned to unexpectedly take on that role. However, my daughter is my number one priority at this point. Tip #1 for any millennial mom is, set your priorities. Being a mother can be very complicated at times. However, I’ve found that life is a lot easier when I focus on building a bond and strong relationship with my child. I don’t worry about maintaining an active social life.  I focus my time and energy on showing my daughter love.  As a dutiful mother, I focus on providing my child with food, shelter and affection. My primary responsibilities are to maintain multiple streams income in order to provide my daughter with a comfortable life style. My life has become so much easier by just focusing on being a good mom.

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