OH the Joy!

Top 5 Joys of Motherhood!

Being a millennial mom has its ups and downs. However, I find myself amazed at all the hidden joys and rewarding moments associated with being a new mother. I decided to highlight the top five joys I have found as a mom.

Watching the world through her EYE’s

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One of the most rewarding aspects of being a mother is watching my baby interpret the world. Each day I get to witness the world through her eyes. I can remember the first time Baby T saw snow, and oh boy, she was completely enchanted. As I held her in her shinny pink snow suit trimmed in glitter, she wiggled with excitement and joy each time I dusted a few flurry’s into her hands. I will never forget how her eyes beamed with joy at the sight of snow. It warmed my heart to see my child becoming better acclimated with her new world.

Watching her Grow

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The first year of human growth and development is an amazing spectacle to witness. God bestowed such an amazing blessing upon my life. The gift of a child is one that I will cherish for a lifetime. Each day I watch her grow so beautifully. Each day she gets a little stronger and wiser. At times, I do get frustrated but I always remind myself that I am blessed.


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I love, love, loooove shopping for Baby T. Prior to mommyhood, I was an avid shopper. Well, I was more so a shopping addict. Instead of being selfish and shopping for myself, I just shop for Baby T like a retail junkie. I love dressing her up in new outfits. But most of all, I love purchasing fresh accessories for my baby fashionista. I will just flat out admit, I am boarder line obsessed with baby sunglasses, headbands and bows. Now, I know you are wondering, how can Ms. Millennial Mom afford to splurge on a baby? Trust me folks, I have it covered. I spend most of my time shopping for baby items on www.aliexpress.com. This is a wholesaler website with free public access. Most the prices are dirt cheap like me.

Becoming more social

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As a first time mom, I never expected to encounter so many positive social encounters. Babies are very special; they have the ability to naturally captivate people. Babies draw attention, whether its voluntary or involuntary. I will be first to admit that I am very introverted. In fact, before Baby T, I avoided random people on the street at all cost. I avoided making eye contact with people. I was one of those people that didn’t like to be bothered. Nowadays, when Baby T and I are out strolling around town, we become “people magnets”. At first, I was very uneasy about perfect strangers approaching me and Baby T. I would think to myself, “move fool, don’t touch my baby.” However, I am learning that positive human interactions are fundamental for a child’s psychological health and development. I can finally say, my “silent drifter” days are official over. Nowadays, Baby T and I hit the town with a smile on our face and love in our hearts. We let our LIGHT shine BRIGHT!

Becoming more nurturing


Motherhood helped me transform from an unsympathetic brut to soft marshmallow mommy. Before Baby T, I was not very nurturing. I’ve always been a little rough around the edges and slightly brawny. I am very relatable, humorous and lovable. However, becoming a full time care provider was very overwhelming. So before I became “a marshmallow mom”, I was living the “post-graduate school young professional party animal” lifestyle. Somehow, I managed to work full-time and I partied full-time! However, once the stork made his visit, I had to make some drastic changes.  Within the first 4 weeks of Motherhood, I learned how to provide my daughter with tender love and care. I knew I was doing a good job because my baby was happy and healthy.





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