Being a Mom is Beautiful!

3 Beautiful aspects of Motherhood!

Busy millennial moms often times over look the beautiful details of Motherhood. Today, I came across a picture of a young frustrated mother that went viral. As I sat and read the teary eyed  woman’s online manifesto, I could sense the desperation and exhaustion in her post. She was frustrated and tired. Her picture is truly worth thousand words…

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As a single mother, I have experienced situations that make me feel downtrodden and disenfranchised. Being a single mom is not for the faint of heart. The life of a single mother can being overwhelming and highly demanding. Sometimes things can get down right ugly. Whenever I feel myself emotionally breaking down, I try to remember all the beautiful things about my struggle. Here are 3 reasons why you should always feel beautiful as a Mother.

Unconditional Love

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There is nothing “glamorous” about being a single mother. However, the love is real. The love my daughter has for me and I for her is undeniable. Our unconditional love for each other is simply beautiful. My daughter fills my heart with happiness. Children are very special people and they have a unique way of expressing their love. Although, my young daughter is still learning to speak, I appreciate every warm and affirming smile. I appreciate the gentle way she places both of her hands on my face and draws near for a kiss. I appreciate every belly laugh because its her subtle way of reciprocating love!


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One of the most beautiful aspects of Motherhood is the gift of Life. Mothers bring humans into the world. although the totality of being a Mom expands beyond our reproductive organs, we should always feel beautiful about the sacrifice we made when deciding to bear children. All mothers make a sacrifice when we endure the challenges of pregnancy. Our selflessness is beyond beautiful.

Bonded for Life


Maternal bonds are beautiful unions that make being a mom worthwhile. The connection that we make with our children can yield love for a lifetime. The emotional bonds formed between mother’s and their children are a testament to the power of love. Although they may not be able to express their love verbally, children undoubtedly love their Mothers.

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