“Mommy Wipe-Out” Syndrome

Are you tired all the time? Do you have enough energy to keep up with the kids? Here are 3 tips personally designed with you in mind. Click the link below to find out how to avoid “Mommy Wipe-Out” syndrome.


*Get your Rest*

I cannot stress the importance of getting peaceful rest. Now I know, it’s hard to find time in your busy day to snooze. However, please consider how hard it is to function when you are tired. Making time to rest should be a high priority for all millennial moms. Ideally, we should aim for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. However, some of us are lucky if we get a 2 hour nap. There are many benefits to getting rest: higher energy levels, emotional stability and feelings of rejuvenation. Typically, when my daughter is sleep, I try to drop whatever I am doing and sleep as well. Even if I am on a phone call, if her eyes close, then my eyes close. Yes, sleep is a very serious matter!


*Stay Hydrated and Healthy*

Drinking water every day is phenomenal for your health. Although the latter statement  is quite trivial in today’s world; it still proves to be true.  Healthy eating is the key to a happy life. I know, the life of a modern day mom is hectic, but we must make time to eat right. Maintaining a healthy diet can help improve energy levels. In order to stay healthy on the go, I visit juice bars on a weekly basis. I try to juice at least three times per week.  Check your neighborhood listings for your local juice bar.


*Ask for Help*

Every mom needs her “mom army.” My “mom army” consist of family members and friends. At first, I was reluctant to ask my friends and family for help. I wanted to prove that I was fully capable of being a mom. Eventually, I realized I was hurting myself by hiding behind my pride. I learned how to put my pride to the side and I started asking for help. The assistance I received allowed me to pursue my personal aspirations. Remember , if you need help ask for it. Don’t be afraid to send an S.O.S signal to your family and friends.







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