Bongs and Baby Bottles

A growing trend is sweeping the nation. No, it’s not a new weight-loss regiment or some celebrity endorsed anti-aging serum. However, many millennial mom’s are starting to turn to cannabis in order to cope with the perils of post-partum depression and motherhood stress.


Recently, popular late-night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, featured “Mom Weed” skit.

An eclectic group of downtown Beverly Hills  mom’s have donned themselves as “Marijuana Moms.” This eccentric group is taking the country by storm with their organic approach to motherhood. On a weekly basis, these mom’s meet up for reefer and relaxation. Their motto is quite simple. ” Smoking makes us better moms.” One mother whole heartily stated, ” cannabis makes me a more creative mom.” Ultimately, the group would like to see more social acceptance regarding parenting and marijuana use.

In other parts of the country, “Danked-Out” moms are leading companies and planning playdates. For example, Jane West of Colorado, is the founder of Edible Events, a company that specializes in posh, high-end weed friendly parties and events.  West is also the mother of two young children. In  her candid interview with ABC news, West opens up about marijuana usage. West compares her weed usage to the equivalent of recreational alcohol consumption. Jane adamantly admits, she never smokes cannabis in the presence of children. She believes her pot usage poses no imminent danger to her children. However, Colorado Child Protective Services, treats pot parents with the same scrutiny as parents who abuse alcohol and prescription drugs. In fact, if parents begin to exhibit irresponsible parenting behaviors, authorizes are required to investigate.


In closing, everyone has their own vice. If yours happens to be marijuana than you are in luck because two states have already legalize the usage of pot. In fact, several states have already taken measures to decriminalize the substance. However, one should exercise caution; negligent use can lead to fines and other legal repercussions.

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