The Dangerous Vaccination Nation

Why are Baltimore City Public Schools mandating vaccinations for students? Why are they pushing the measure so hard?


After giving birth to my daughter last year, a team of doctors paraded into my recovery room on a frequent basis. Their intention was to get a vaccination consent form signed. I told the team on  multiple occasions that I plan to adopt an “alternative” vaccination schedule for my daughter. After a lengthy debate, they consented to my wishes. Presently, the Center for Disease Control suggest all newborns receive 25 vaccines by their first birthday. In fact, by age 6, most children on the CDC recommended vaccination schedule will have taken 49 doses of multiple vaccines (


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Recently, Baltimore City Public Schools mandated vaccinations for all students during the 2016-2017 school. In fact, if students fail to get vaccinated they will not be allowed to attend school.  Mandating vaccinations could pose a huge public health risk when you consider the components that are used to create vaccines. Discarded fetal tissue, formaldehyde, mercury, latex rubber and the list goes on.


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Therefore, I question the measures BCPS are taking. How can you require parents to inject their children with dangerous toxins?  Is this a complete violation of the United States Constitution?  United States citizens have an inherent right to practice freedom of religion. If abortions are against your religious beliefs, you have the right to deny vaccinations to your children. Parents are not legally obligated to vaccinate their children. Most states offer vaccination exemptions on the grounds of medical, religious and philosophical reasons. Be sure to check out your state’s exemption policy.






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