Life After Baby: BodyTalk Edition

Are you struggling with your “body after baby”?

How do you really feel about those stretch marks?

Are you having a hard time losing the pregnancy weight?


After giving birth for the first time, something happened to me. I started to feel bolder. That’s right pushing out another human gave me a huge confidence boost. I felt more confident about my body after my pregnancy. Giving birth to my daughter made me realize the full magnitude of a woman’s strength.  I no longer think of myself as a venerable and fragile person. I know my body is capable of performing amazing wonders.


Despite acquiring a small collection of stretch marks across my abdomen, I still felt sexy and very comfortable with my new “tiger stripes.” In fact, my new found confidence completely transformed my life. I started to get approached by “attractive” men on a daily basis. When my self-esteem was on the low side, I would always attract ugly creeps. I started to get recognized at work because my performance drastically improved. I credit my new found confidence to my post partum recovery.

I have learned to embrace my new changes with pride. That’s right! I earned my stripes. I bear these marks wisdom and grace. I know I am apart of an elite class of humans who can do miraculous things. I know I am a woman.









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