#ForeverDuncan: Bold Black Love!

I am so happy that you love me this way” were the words spoken by  bride-to-be ,Sharrell Ducan, as she stood before her groom, Alfred Duncan, on her surprise wedding day.

The teary eyed bride shed tears of joy amongst her family and friends during her  private and very intimate ceremony. The smooth and clever “Mr. Duncan”, surprised his woman by proposing to her at noon and married her by 6pm on the same day.  Wow! What a man! Mr. Duncan pulled this “Top Secret” mission off with sound precision and expertise, similar to the works of an Olivia Pope “gladiator.”


By now, if you have not heard of the trending hash-tag #ForeverDuncan, than you must live under a rock! This dynamic couple has taken the nation by storm with their candid proposal/wedding video.  Over the past weekend, the video went viral. With the help of family and friends, Mr. Duncan created a royal ceremony fit for a Nubian queen.  Although, the bride only had 6 hours to prepare for the biggest moment of her life, no detailed was spared to make her fairy tale come true. The groom arranged for his bride to be swept away into a posh, private hotel suite immediately after his crafty restaurant proposal. When she arrived at her hotel suite, she was greeted by a professional glam squad. The future Mrs. Duncan received the five star treatment prior to her nuptials. Her hair was meticulously curated into a beautiful natural style. Her make-up highlighted her natural external beauty, but the light that shined from her happy heart made her a masterpiece. Her bold-black gown was accented in lace and custom suited  to compliment her perfect curves. Mr. Duncan went above and beyond for his bride. Now, that is how you marry a woman!


This beautiful union gives so much hope to a hopeless world. Watching a man profess his love for his woman is awe inspiring and completely captivating. The love displayed between this couple is very powerful. As I watched the #ForeverDucan video, I could feel the energy of their love. I was so overwhelmed with emotions. Yes!  I cried tears of joy. Witnessing their union completely warmed my heart. I  have no doubt in the power of black love. Black love is real and it still exist.  Despite societal statistics, black woman are getting married. In fact, I am received two invitations for 2017 weddings. Black woman are beautiful and lovable human beings.


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