Trending Millennial Mom!

Wow! Angela Simmons is only two weeks postpartum and her body is on FLEEK!

Today, I  would like to feature a Millennial Mom that is new to the “MommyHood” scene. Angela Simmons just welcomed her beautiful bundle of joy into the world in September 2016. She is the daughter of the legendary Run-D.M.C’s Rev. Run. The young entrepeneur also starred in two MTV popular series: “Run’s House” and “Daddy’s Girls.” This new mommy made media waves when she recently posted a gym selfie revealing her postpartum body. The 29-year-old Hip-Hop Heiress definitely “snapped-back” after the birth of her  baby and she is not ashamed to show it.


Angela, a strict vegetarian, maintained her health and stamina throughout her pregnancy by regularly performing yoga. The Hip-Hop Heiress cleared misconceptions regarding pregnancy and excersing when she released this statement: “To avoid the sluggish feeling that accompanies the weight gain and any swelling in the legs and feet, commit to mild activity daily”  The young fashionista, also managed to complete a business venture prior to the birth of her baby. She recently opened a flagship store in Brooklyn, NY  for her new clothing line, Angela I am.


Angela Simmons is a Millennial Mom that every new mom should follow. She is not the traditional mom. Angela embodies all the dynamics of a modern-day mom. We have to play multiple roles all at one time. Millennial Moms are not sitting at home baking chocolate chip cookies. We are making moves and building empires. Although, a warm cookie every now and then is good for the soul.



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