MoM! Please Don’t Kill Me…

IMG_0548As I drove along a busy urban street today, I noticed a young woman walking slowly, carrying multiple bags with two toddlers in tow. As she approached a major intersection, I noticed something terribly wrong. One of the four wheels on the fragile umbrella stroller she pushed was completely broken.

My heart dropped as she struggled to push her dilapidated stroller past my car. The absent wheel caused the adjacent wheel to move wildly as she tried to maintain control. The small child riding inside held tightly to the sidebars trying to assist his mother as much as possible.

I asked myself, how dare you ride by them and ignore what you see?  They need help! Immediately, I thought about “my baby’s stroller”, stored  in the trunk of my car. She was not in the car with me but I could not imagine pushing her in a broken stroller. In fact no child deserves to be strolled around in those conditions. Without hesitation, I popped the trunk and gave her “my stroller.”

Here is the Kicker, “my stroller,” is actually the stroller my mom purchased from Amazon. Now, my mom is very old school. She is definitely a “spicy baby boomer.” In fact, whenever she purchases anything from Amazon, she does something she calls “research.” I have idea in hell what that process consist of, however she is going to have a major problem with my “Mother Theresa” move. You know, it really does not take much to piss off a “baby boomer.”

I plan to tell  my mom I saw a young millennial mom in need. In fact, the majority of young Millennials in this country are facing financial difficulties. Millennials with children face even more hardships and financials problems than their peers.   According to PEW Research, 40% of unemployed workers are Millennials. PEW Research also states, “Today’s young adults face more economic challenges than their elders did when they were first starting out.” In fact, states, “Millennials are the first in modern era to have higher levels of student loan debt, poverty and unemployment, and lower levels of wealth and personal income than any other generation at the same stage of life.”


Millennial moms have tough challenges to face. Many of us have student loan debt that we duck sdodge each month in order to pay necessity bills. Repaying college loans debt is a burden that hangs heavy over the heads of many young adults in this country. In fact, failure to maintain monthly loan payments can result in wage garnishment.

So as I prepare to face the “Kim Jung Un” of grandmothers, I will let her know that I greatly appreciated her purchase. God knows, I appreciated every amount research she put into her Amazon purchase. It was hard for me to make that decision Today. I literally gave away “my baby’s stroller.”  Trust me, I am in no financial position to give away anything. These pockets are very tight. However,  something moved me to act. I knew that young mother was in dire need of my help. I saw the pain and disappointment in her eyes as she pushed her baby in broken stroller. I didn’t have a monetary donation to give the young mother. However, I gave her a since of dignity and pride instead. I could have drove past that woman and called her pathetic. Instead of turning my wide nose up to her, I decided to step outside the norm. I challenged myself to give away what I could not afford to loose.






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  1. ksbeth says:

    i read this twice, what a beautiful and selfless gesture that meant so much.

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