Black Nuclear Families Still Exist

Where are the Beautiful Black Families?

Instagram is full of surprises these days. So many different walks of life cramped into one app. I am always amazed by the variety of  lifestyles found on Instagram. The world is full of fascinating people and Instagram provides a perfect platform to showcase your personal lifestyle. Sometimes certain lifestyles are completely ignored or overlooked. However, I wanted to highlight a lifestyle that does not receive much media attention, The Black Nuclear Family. Black Nuclear Families consist of a father, mother and their offspring.

Black  Nuclear Families are typically not found on nationally syndicated broadcasting networks. You probably will not see a Black Nuclear Family on the cover of  Time, Us Weekly or Good House Keeping. However, I discovered a beautiful photo on instagram yesterday that really “warmed my heart.” A very tender moment captured by @Libra_And_Aries gave me so much hope and optimism.


As a single mom, I often wonder if my relationship status will have a detrimental effect on my daughters psychological development. I was raised in a single parent household. I consider myself to be very successful. Despite what statistics indicate about people who share my demographical profile, I beat the odds all around.

I am an anomaly in my own right. I have a Bachelors and Masters Degree. I have received countless awards and accolades for my many achievements. However, I often wonder what lessons I could have learned if I was fully domesticated by a Black Nuclear Families. I am grateful for all the sacrifices my mother made in order for me to survive. She didn’t have to do anything for me, motherhood is actually a choice. However, my mother took every fiber of her being in order to ensure my siblings and I had the best.

Although, I did not have the “Rudy Huxtable” experience growing up, I had mother that loved me unconditionally. The truth is this, I will never know how my life would have turn out if I was raised in a Black Nuclear Family. However, I desire to have a Beautiful Black Nuclear Family one day. Until my time comes, I will celebrate every positive image of Black Families I encounter.

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