Adopting the “TacticalMom” Mindset

On numerous occasions, I have equated my motherhood experiences to military boot camp. I am constantly getting yelled at by a small toddler who now demands multiple request by screaming to the top of her lungs. She has become a “first class” baby drill sergeant. She takes no excuses and no mercy.  Navigating the journey of motherhood is similar to navigating a path through a hostile war zone. One wrong move, can cause a catastrophic disaster. At anytime, an unexpected emergency can arise, or a financial set back could occur. Millennial moms have to be prepared to handle any situation. In fact, Millennial Moms should  adopt a mindset similar to a Special Operative Navy Seal on a covert mission.  I decided to create a list of strategies that can be used when times get tough.

  1. Identify the Problem

When life gets chaotic, you have to identify the source of the chaos. This step is very important because we as humans, have a tendency to treat the symptoms of a problem but we fail to identify and treat the source of the problem. Millennial’s are facing more financial difficulties than any other generation in the history of America. Naturally, one would assume in order to remedy the situation, an increase in income would have to occur. However, increasing ones income would merely treat the symptom, resulting in further existence of the main problem. In order solve any major problem in life, you have to be willingly to make a sacrifice.  We have to learn to put of needs before our wants. For example, if money is an ongoing issue, start looking at how it’s being utilized. Develop a budget and stick to it. Be sure to analyze your monthly bills. Eliminate as many monthly bills as possible. If you live in a urban area that has mass transit system, why not make the most of it. Instead of having a personal car, why not utilize ride sharing apps as a primary method for transportation. You can save more money by not having car payment or car insurance payment. If you are at a point in life where you want to major growth and chances you have to make a sacrifice.

2) Turn the Problem into a Play

Life would be so amazing if we had our own personal NFL standard “playbook.” Life would be grand if you could just thumb through the pages of a skillfully crafted play book that helped you navigate life’s toughest situation. Sadly, you can not find this book on Amazon. However, you can be more strategic when dealing with the challenges of life. Once you have identify the true source of your problem, you have to configure different ways to address the situation. For example, if you get diagnosed with a mental health disorder, don’t keep a secret. In fact, you should spread the word. Bring awareness to the situation and don’t suffer in silence. Make sure your family, support system and employer are aware the problem. Most employers have employee assistance programs that offer an array services to employees. By taking advantage of the readily available resources, your problems could play out different from what you anticipated.

3) Keep your emotions in check

This past weekend I encountered an epic problem. I had finally made it to the front of the entrance line for the Disney on Ice show only to realize I didn’t have our tickets. After walking two city blocks while carry a 30lb toddler, I committed the ultimate millennial mom ” f*$k up,” I forgot something very important. I spent so much time early that day preparing for our outing. I double checked my “count down to Disney on Ice list” twice and I still managed to completely “f*$k up.” Yes! I am very anal person and I like to write out “check list” for just about every aspect of my life. Despite my tireless efforts to prevent  social disasters in my life; I still found myself at the front of the entry line, face to face with a ticket usher only to realize, I carelessly left our tickets at home.  As I stood there face to face with the usher, I felt my heart sink to the pit of stomach. A flood of tears began to form in the ducts of my eyes. I closed my eyes tightly, desperately trying to repress the need to cry like a newborn. Instead of giving into my emotions, I decided to tell the truth. I could have given up and went home. However, I was not ready to write that day off as a loss. In the midst of an emotional breakdown, I mustered up enough strength to stay calm and collect my thoughts. I addressed the usher with courtesy and respect as I recounted the events of that morning which ultimately resulted in me being ticketless.  I told the usher that I am a new mom and I don’t have my s*$t together. I try really hard each day but it never fails, I always find a way to fumble the ball. The kind usher took pity on me and directed me to the box office. The box office staff understood the plight of my struggle and they granted me a ticket for admission.

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  1. Tikeetha T says:

    Absolutely wonderful post. We’ve all been there. Carrying a 30 pound toddler is no joke.

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