Betamore: It’s a Lifestyle!

As I enter the last phase of Betamore’s Front End Development Course, I find myself riddled with excitement and joy. The quantitative skill set I acquired while matriculating at this academy is truly unmatched. Betamore is a highly respected name in the Mid-Atlantic Tech Region. I recently attended a Super Meet-Up hosted by Technically Baltimore. As I mixed

Baltimore: The Emerging Digital Metropolis

Baltimore is quietly evolving into a “Mid-Atlantic” digital hub. In fact, Baltimore landed on CIO’s “10 Cities with Fast Emerging Tech Hubs” list last year. The nation’s rising tech industry is changing the employment landscape of this once “blue collar” town. Baltimore is historically known for being a culturally diverse melting pot.  It is truly an eclectic

Baltimore’s Best Places to Play on a Spring Day!

Baltimore’s Best Places to Play!

Adopting the “TacticalMom” Mindset

On numerous occasions, I have equated my motherhood experiences to military boot camp. I am constantly getting yelled at by a small toddler who now demands multiple request by screaming to the top of her lungs. She has become a “first class” baby drill sergeant. She takes no excuses and no mercy.

How To Fight “Overdraft” Bank Fees!

Banks charge more fines and fees than the National Football League!

How to Co-Parent with A “F*#k Boy” Holiday Edition

Do not “Pop-Off” on your child’s parent this season!

Black Nuclear Families Still Exist

Where are the Beautiful Black Families? Instagram is full of surprises these days. So many different walks of life cramped into one app. I am always amazed by the variety of  lifestyles found on Instagram. The world is full of fascinating people and Instagram provides a perfect platform to showcase your

MoM! Please Don’t Kill Me…

As I drove along a busy urban street today, I noticed a young woman walking slowly, carrying multiple bags with two toddlers in tow. As she approached a major intersection, I noticed something terribly wrong. One of the four wheels on the fragile umbrella stroller she pushed was completely broken.

Daycare Expenses are Kickin’Ass!

“The Childcare expense is the highest expense for Maryland families.”

How to Co-Parent with a “F#*k Boy”

A comprehensive guide designed to develop interpersonal relations with your child’s parental figure. For quite some time, this topic has been passionately burning inside me. Literally, this message has been clawing to get out of my head.  This is a very provocative topic. I wasn’t prepared for the undercurrent of emotions that came to

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